God’s Heaven is for Children

God’s heaven is for children—for the child
Whose innocence was never lost, defiled;
For babies born in angel’s arms, for tots
Who toddle through the pearly gates with thoughts

As pure as golden streets, as bright as light
That fills all space and eyes with perfect sight.
God’s heaven is for children—yet we weep
For lives unlived, for dreams they cannot keep—

But life’s not lost to heaven’s child—it’s gained
Where dreams are lived and blossoms never fade;
Where talent is not hindered nor repressed
But used to fullest measure, fully blessed;

Where purpose can’t be lost or unfulfilled;
Where God completes the soul; where hearts are stilled.
Weep not for heaven’s children saved by grace—
They hold Christ’s hand and kiss the Father’s face.

God’s heaven is for children—for the man
Who with a child-like faith is born again,
Who enters heaven bearing Jesus’ cross,
Who counts his worldly gain as heaven’s loss,

For sinners saved by grace through Christ alone
Who through his blood are washed, renewed, atoned.
God’s heaven is for children——for a child
Was born to die—to save and reconcile

All children to the Father through his blood—
Beloved Son of David, Son of God.
This child shall lead the lion and the lamb
To lie in peace together in that land

Where children live forever, happy, whole,
In ageless wonder, everlasting soul.
God’s heaven is for children—all who come.
The Father waits to welcome each one home.

© Amy Hyles. 2012-2013.